Hello everyone!

I’ll first thank you for checking out my work, it's a great feeling knowing people take their time to look at my photos and I always enjoy hearing that people appreciate what I do.

Now let me tell you a little bit about myself! 

I'm going to start with telling you about the things that make me happy, because to me thats all that really matters.

My three biggest loves are

- Spending time with friends and family, whether it's laughing with my brother and sister, or going for a drive to some place new with my friends.

- Listening to music. I tend to listen to music at every opportunity. I love finding new music everyday and then actually getting the opportunity to head along to shows and festivals and take photos of my favourite bands

-Taking photos. This ones quite obvious, I just love it, I love not only the thrill I get from capturing beautiful moments, but I also love seeing other people enjoy my photos, seeing people look at my photos and go "wow!", whether thats family, friends or clients!

Happiness is the most important thing in life. And that is why I do everything I can to make the people I work for and the people who follow my work happy. When working for someone I always break away from the fact that its my job, because to me it's not. 

Thanks for taking your time to get to know me!

So much love to you all,

Dylan Minchenberg